News On Practical Secrets For Cosmic Fog

The bewitching creation of dew on plant life has long become the subject of special and research thought. In some areas of water deficiency, the usage of dew for nourishment, healing and sanitation may be a lifesaver.

Would cosmic awareness be readily detected in individuals employed in a specific occupation or profession? No, because being in a certain job doesn’t automatically make you one who is necessarily living a life that is cosmic. Being referenced to your internal cosmic centre, being aligned with that eternal understanding, while still being centered in the moment, is cosmic living — wherever you might be.

There is no other being in the universe with your soul energy that is unique. Although your deepest truth is aligned with all the universe, you live your unique truth, and you also express it in your own personal distinctive way. And this can be very important, because many individuals and groups will try to influence one to follow this or that life path, or way of living, according to their assumed spiritual belief or rule that everyone must follow truth in one particular manner.


One common technique for healing the body with cosmic fog would be to kneel and brush the open fingers and palms of one’s hands across dew-laden plant life. Once this is completed, the cool virgin wetness is lightly applied over and over again to whatever part of our body wants healing: a scar from a wound or surgery, an inflamed or injured joint or bone, our emotionally or physically injured heart, our face, etc.

Using dew to moisturize one’s face is thought to aid in keeping a youthful appearance while also refreshing and energizing the five physical senses. By repeatedly applying dew to the closed eyelids of one, the feeling of seeing, for instance, may be invigorated.

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