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The world’s sixth largest continent with land coverage of about 6.7% of the World’s land, it tend to get tough to study the Mapa Evropy in detail if studies as a whole. The absolute region of the continent is all about 9,938,000 square kilometres, comprising of 47 countries in which Russia is the biggest and Vatican City is the smallest city.

Known as the 6th largest continent, the size of Europe comes around 10,180,000 square kilometers which can also be regarded as 2% of the Earth’s surface with Russia as the largest nation, Vatican City as the lowest and Istanbul as the city with most folks. Being a very large nation, Europe is divided into Fifty sovereign states with Russian Federation as the largest making it the most populous.

Political maps show states and the nation mentioning their names. In certain maps we shall also get the leading cities. Europe consists of around 50 states where almost all of them belong to the European Union and use the Euro currency. Russia is a land locked state plus the greatest nation in Europe. Vatican City is the smallest and has the house of the Pope.

Geographic map typically signal altitude and places of the country. In a typical map the cheapest point are indicated in dark green colour as the altitude gets higher the colour fades to green that was lighter and which indicate lowlands. The mapa evropy image of water is indicated by the blue colour. High altitude places are represented by yellow colors. Brown colour for example the Alps marks mountain ranges.

The design of Europe is unique as it has many peninsulas and water bodies that are internal. In reality Europe cannot be precisely termed as a continent instead this is part of Eurasia peninsula. The climatic conditions of Europe also differ in the western shore and the Southern coast where one discovers one other experience Mediterranean climate and Maritime climate.

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