How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Body depends on various variables

Slender people and very light users can get clean in approximately 2 weeks. For users that are moderate the process can take around a month. To obtain new information on how long does marijuana stay in your body please head to how long does weed stay in your pee .Whereas, for significant users the process can take up to two months and even more than that.

The test doesn’t discover the substance itself, a drug test is done for weed, but the chemical residues. Generally the time that is detectable stretches from 14 to 35 days, sometimes up to 120 days. There are distinct determining factors like duration, dose and the sort of evaluation used. Weed is the most used drug on earth, as all of US know. This drug is slow to metabolize and fat soluble which contains THC.

Folks who mainly neglect drug test are the people who use cannabis. Now coming back to the primary question, how long does marijuana stay in system? The response is that nobody understands exactly it remains in the system. We understand just the average time frames. But experts have tried to calculate the exact time based on the frequency of use. There are some few factors to determine the precise time that cannabis stays in our system. The time of good use, the amount of use, the potency of the drug, fats cells in the user’s body, metabolic rate and activity level, these are some few variables.


The first facet is the rate of usage. What this means is that light marijuana users can remove the THC metabolite within their body at more rapid rate. Heavy users will have a significant amount of THC build up in their own body and so they’ll take time to remove the material from their body. The second is the strength of cannabis. Not every cannabis merchandise available out there have the same number of strength. Individuals with high amount of strength will have more THC within them. Some test can be actions to see how long does weed stay in your urine .

Other methods of test that are generally done are blood and spit test. It is also dependable although saliva test is more convenient to be carried out. Hair follicle test is the most dependable but it isn’t quite commonly used because of the high price.

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